Saturday, March 30, 2013

Emotional Smoothie

Emotional Freakout Smoothie Recipe:

2 parts lesbian
2 AF's (optional: extra PMS for an extra kick!)
1 trip to fertility clinic at the crack of dawn
1 type A personality
1 type B personality
mix together and place in tiny waiting room
Let emotions simmer during car ride..Bring to a boil at home. Separate lesbos and let cool. Once completely cooled down (this is the MOST important step) mix together and sprinkle some "i'm sorry-no no i'm sorry". For extra smoothness add in some tears and kisses.  Total preparation time:1 hour

*We're fine, I just had a freakout about meds, appointments, timing details (blah blah blah) and blew up on my poor wife. We started stims today and go back on Tues. I promised to behave ahead of time. ;)


  1. Yikes! Sorry you had such a tough time, but hopefully things get better soon!

    1. Yeah it was our first blowout (screaming included) that we've had in a very, very long time! It was def not pretty and we both felt terrible afterwards. We make up quickly though ;)

  2. AHH the joys of having an estrogen filled relationship lol. Just a little bump along the way. YAY for starting stim! You'll be surprised how fast the next few weeks go!! So happy for you girls!

  3. Sorry about the bump in the road. We've been there too :( This is stressful! But I'm excited to follow along with you. Sounds like you have another appointment this morning. Good luck!!

  4. Making a baby is stressful and sometimes a big blowup is a good thing to clear the air! Making up quickly shows you have a strong relationship. I hope all is well now! Good luck for the next few weeks!