Friday, March 1, 2013

Veruca has left the building!

I had my HSG and I'll spare you the details,  because most of you have been through it and who wants to relive that???? Everything checked out and the pre-screening process is complete. I spent some time with some friends that are having twins in April last night and had some much needed laughs. It was nice to hear that my antsy feelings were normal even if my wife doesn't think so! I am out of my funk and have made lots of lunch dates/plans to keep myself busy over the next few weeks. I started this blog to find support and while I have found lots, (I especially love these ladies  and these awesome Canadians) I realized that trying to "keep up with the Joneses" so to speak can be dangerous. These blogs are comforting in that each one of us can share some parts of the universal feelings that come with TTC, but it is in no way all inclusive and I am slowly learning through the varying posts that no one's walk is ever the same. And as my blog community grows, I am humbled by the comforting words of total strangers.  I feel foolish that I have been feeling jealous of others, especially when most have been trying for way longer and deserve those awesome BFPs. So my Veruca Salt moment has come and gone. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to over indulge in these lovely blogs but I will no longer compare my road with anyone else's because the individuality is what makes this journey so special. The fact that it will be ours and not anyone else's is what I want to embrace from now on. So keep on  keeping on my TTC comrades, and I promise to be right there cheering you on from the stands until I can be on field too.  :)


  1. Awe you're too cute! Glad to hear you are staying busy... I should probably do the same on my days off. Although I find myself stalking blogs instead haha!

    HSG was not as bad as the hysteroscopy for me, but that's also because I got a terrible infection after the hysteroscopy lol.

    I got your email, thank you!!! :) April will be here before you know it!

  2. so glad that it all worked out on your HSG! :) When I did mine I felt like it was a sigh of relief when it all came back "good to go"! Not long now for you ladies!!!