Saturday, September 21, 2013


Wow....we are 25 weeks and 4 days! I can't believe that we are this far along! Let's recap the last month high/ low style shall we?

High: Me and the wife celebrated our one year anniversary! We went back to where we got engaged and read our letters we wrote to each other the night before we got married. We locked them in a box and saved them for this day. Time flies and we are just amazed at how much our lives have changed and what is in store for us! I love her so much and know she's gonna be an amazeballs mamma.

Low: To make a very long story short, we have been fighting back and forth with R's family. There is no rationalizing with irrational people. We couldn't agree to disagree and unfortunately, they decided it would be best if we part ways. They have officially cut us off.  The only family member that came to our shower was her mom. R is having a very hard timewith this and I'm not sure how to help her. I just keep thinking that once the boys are here and she sees their little faces some of the pain will fade.

High: We made it to 24 weeks! Viability!  Measuring right on track. We are super excited that these little boys are getting bigger. 1 lb 5 oz each last week.

Low: I had been having the WORST pain on my right side and had to call out of work for the first time in 2 years. I was scared but as a nurse couldn't bring myself to go to the ER and wait. I had R do an ultrasound because I thought it was my gallbladder. Turns out it was my kidney. Baby B has been making himself comfortable on it and it was swollen and my ureter was backed up causing grade II hydronephrosis.  We showed the doc my ultrasound and she said there's not much else to do but lay on my left side and drink water to flush it out as much as possible. The treatment is worse than the problem: a kidney drain. It comes and goes but I am feeling better.

High: I passed my glucose test! 'Nuff said there

Low: A lot of people that we invited besides family did not come to our shower . I was a little disappointed that we've been really good friends and gone to great lengths to maintain these particular friendships and it doesn't feel reciprocated. Some are in the middle of their own TTC days and I think it stung the "lesbians did it before them". (One person expressed this already)  You make time for the things and people that are important. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and my loyalty for my friends runs deep, I guess to a fault sometimes.

High: We had an amazing shower today and the people that did come were awesome and super generous.

Low: School is kicking my a$$ ya'll. I was super stoked to start and now I am wondering what the hell I've done to myself because I forgot how much I despise writing papers. I have to stick with it though because I know how important it will be down the road.

High: R started her meds for induced lactation.  She should be able to breastfeed and pump by the time the boys are here.  We are pumped about this-pun intended. ;)

High: The nursery is almost done! We are doing a map/travel theme and everytime I walk into the room, I feel giddy. It is adorbs! I really wanted a hot air balloon mobile but they are so expensive.  R has been channeling her inner Martha Stewart and taught herself to sew. We made this amazing mobile together (well mostly her..I glued the ribbons on).
mobile sneek peak!

Lesbian carpentry at its finest! 

one of the maps going up with our favorite fisherman's lamp! 

Highest High: They are on the move! I was so worried that I would never feel them, let alone R.  I've been feeling them squirm a teensy bit but now it feels like my tummy is a cement mixer and they kick and punch so hard that R can feel them in her sleep.  Each time they move it's a reminder of this amazing role we have been chosen to fill as mommas. I cannot wait to meet them and be a complete family.

So that's it-you're officially caught up. I'm so excited to see everyone moving right along and seeing all these new stork landings! Congrats to all the new mommas and papas out there!