Monday, December 16, 2013

They're Here!!!!!!

They're here! I haven't been able to update in forever. Let's recap:

  • They were unsure about their growth so I started seeing a specialist each week. He recommended I don't go past 37 weeks.
  • Went to regular ob and set a date for induction-both still head down. Babies are measuring small and apparently 1.5 lbs apart.  We set the date for Dec 11 to be induced. 
  • The wifey and I have one last date friday night and get mani-pedis and got to our first date spot :)
  • Sat night R goes to work and I'm prepping the house. I am supposed to work (yes you read that right, I was still working!) on Monday so I am trying to get everything done before Christmas.
  • I wake up at 1 in the morning and feel like I peed my the doc who doesn't sound amused when I say I think it broke but I'm not sure-how the hell should I know??? It wasn't like on tv-there was no tsumani of fluid but just a constant trickle. 
  • Drove myself to the hospital and met my wife who was already there working. Contractions 2 min apart at this point. 
  • Let's add a sprinkle of pitocin, epidural and boom 10 hours later I am bing wheeled into the OR to push. Baby P came vaginally  with about 6 pushes. Baby O got into some trouble and I couldn't get him out so he was a c-section. I got both experiences with one pregnancy! It was pretty crazy but and I had to be put under but I woke up an hour later and they were ready to be placed in my arms. Unbelievable. We are so in love. They are beautiful. 4 lbs 10 oz each-couldn't believe it and only 1/2 inch difference! 
  • They are doing great and we came home on time and are just enjoying every moment with them. 
  • If this feels like a whirlwind post, that's because that is our life right now and we wouldn't change it for the world!
There is so much more to talk about but I just can't stand to be away one more minute from these little snuggle bears. So without further ado here they are: