Saturday, March 16, 2013


This blog is supposed to be my outlet for all things baby making and beyond. My wife reads it when I am not around but refuses to guest blog on here,  so I am left to expose her myself! She recently read one of my posts that mentioned enjoying our last moments of coupledom (bad choice of words I guess?) Well, she was clearly not herself all day and after some coaxing, she blurted: I don't want to lose our coupledom! I love us! I don't want to lose you. Uh oh...I didn't mean it that way. I just meant that our 2 will become three and I wanted to squeeze in more time. I don't want to lose "us" either, but I know things will never be the same once a little one enters the picture. We needed some distraction from this stress. So we have been spending lots of time together and going out with friends.

Last week we got dressed up and went to dinner with friends. On our way we saw a horrific accident. Three cars sliding and literally flipping over each other just a few feet in front of us. Once we got our bearings, we jumped out and helped the people involved until EMS arrived. It was so surreal to see such carnage unfold in front of us. Luckily, everyone was ok and walked away with minor injuries. Then on with our evening which consisted of running into everyone we've ever known over the last 5 years! It was so nice to see our friends and we partied til almost 6 am! I didn't even know what time it was until the nice lady at Mcd's informed me I could not have fries because they were serving breakfast! (yes, I was that girl)Well the next morning I felt like dog poo, and layed in bed all day to recover. And while my liver and brain tried to regenerate some cells I realized something: I don't miss these days one bit! It was awesome to see my old buds and drink like a college girl gone wild, but I was most content because my wife was there and she was laughing and smiling and looked beautiful and that's what fulfills me. I am ready to have a family with her.

I also used to bartend for 10 years. Since I became a nurse I work the night shift so I usually miss all the good stuff. This was my first St Pats off in 6 years. It's a really big crowded deal here(1000's of people)but  I didn't go! I wanted to, but my wife had to work so we spent the day together and she helped me cross off the last thing left on my pre-mommy bucket list: get one more tattoo!  We went to a tattoo convention and I got this:

So we've had some much needed distractions. And as we get closer, I find myself more in love with my wife and ready to take this next step in our lives. Here's some luck for all of you, no matter what stage of the TTC game your in ;)


  1. Awe love the tattoo! You're getting closer, so exciting :)! I feel the same for my wife... I truly feel my love grows everyday for her. But TTC has really made that more obvious to me ;).

    1. I thought it would tear us apart or the hormones would get the best of us but it has been bearable. And we've discovered strength in each other that neither of us thought we had.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the coupledom... My wife and I have been spending tons of time together. We know later on it will still be great but it might not be the same. We were out til 1am last night and I felt all young and wild lol how the times have changed. :)

  3. I too have had this race across my mind. We are spending more and more time together but enjoying every second. I know that a child will bring SO much joy into our lives but like you said its a HUGE change in our lives.

  4. Awesome Tattoo! I luv it!! TTC is tuff but in the end it brings you to a closeness like you have never had before! <3 best of luck gals!