Monday, March 25, 2013

Buzzing With Excitement

We hit a little speed bump a couple of weeks ago. Since we are doing reciprocal IVF, insurance can be a little tricky. We were ordering our stim meds and found out since I was the recipient of the eggs my insurance was supposed to cover Rosebud's meds. However, since we are not on the same policy, my insurance wouldn't pay for her as a donor. Meds were upwards of $5000 without insurance-say whattttttt????? We had an agonizing week of waiting to hear back from the insurance, fertility office and pharmacy to get our approval to use Rosebud's own insurance (we have the exact same policy that covers infertility). Without this help we would not be able to continue on and this whole process would have come to a screeching halt. We heard back today and we were approved! Only downside is that we have a lifetime max of $5000 for drugs and guess what? Her drugs cost exactly that. So that means this cycle needs to give us some good eggs for freezing in the event this cycle doesn't work. We will have to sell a kidney to do another cycle with her eggs. Luckily, I still have some insurance left to put towards drugs if we use my eggs for the next kiddo.

Since we really need some quality eggs, I have been reading a lot about what can increase the quality. This is all speculation of course sprinkled with some old wive's tales, but hey, who am I to judge? So we hit up the grocery store and stocked up on these:
  • royal jelly with bee pollen (paste)-said to improve egg quality, it's what the queen bee feeds on and she lives 6 years longer than her drones and lays 2000 I read that we need to take it for 3 months but figured we would give it a shot anyway and see what all the buzzzzz is about. See what I did there? ;)
  • pineapple core-I've heard conflicting things about this and what it does but I've heard that it contains bromelain which supports an extra sticky uterus. For IVF'ers, you should eat the core for five days starting on transfer day. 
  • Kale-full of natural folate- we put it in everything! We drink it in smoothies every morning. I'm making a "fertility soup" chocked full of it along with  white beans, garlic and chicken.
  • Brazil nuts- 1 nut contains a days worth of selenium, a mineral linked to successful implantation when taken in moderation. 
  • avocados-rich in antioxidants and good fats
  • chicken and salmon-filled with good fatty acids and protein
So there you have it. Our fertility diet for the next few weeks. We've already cut our caffeine and the lady at Mcd's helped me sober up (see my last post). Just waiting on AF so I can start the patches and Rosebud starts stims on Saturday hopefully. We are going to a  marriage equality rally at our state house tomorrow and are so excited for all the potential changes for our LGBTQ community and what it means for our families! It's going to be an exciting next few weeks and we are so ready! Sending fertile thoughts and queen bee vibes to everyone! 


  1. You're so close!!! It goes super fast once your on stim together :)

  2. You might have meds left over too!! They have you order more then you need normally because they do not know how each person will react. But with my IVF we were able to freeze 22 embryos so dont worry too much!!

  3. I used Royal Jelly!! I have to say I think it helped in our case!! Best of luck!!

  4. Wishing you ladies the best of luck!!! I am on my stims now and it seems to be going quick!! Thanks for the healthy tips. I've not heard about the royal jelly or brazil nuts! But I've heard of the kale and starting tomorrow morning it's back to juicing for me :) When is your egg retirval and transfer? Wishing you ladies the best of luck!!

    1. Thanks! We are scheduled for retrieval on April 10th and potential transfer on the 13th.