Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Waiting Game

Well, I finished my round of BC. We were on vacation when  our clinic re-opened from the holidays. We called and our IVF nurse advised us to order meds now for the mock and transfer. I didn't realize that ALL the meds would be ordered at one time and shipped within 24 hours. We also didn't realize we would pay for everything right up front..gulp. Luckily, our insurance covered half so it took the sting out a little :) We made it home from vacay just in time for an anxious 24 hour wait. R just kept looking out the window like a crazy busy body neighbor. I told her to stop, but soon found myself  just looking over her shoulder.

And then, it came! And then, we freaked! Holy freakin meds batman! I feel like I have read and read about these meds but seeing them all in one box and knowing those are just mine and R will have her own box to deal with is just mind blowing. The needles...the patches...the pills... the vag inserts...oy.  The warning labels: DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL, DON'T DRINK MILK, DON'T PUT THIS IN YOUR GINA, DO PUT THIS IN YOUR GINA, DON'T DRINK MILK WHILE PUTTING THIS IN YOUR GINA. Was.definitely.not. prepared. We watched the IM injection video ( I'm an ICU  nurse but R is not) and then she relished in the thought of getting to stab me on purpose.

I love that the FDA assumes I am classy enough to drink martinis ;)

And now we wait some more. Waiting for AF to come to both of us so R can go for her workup and I can start patches for my mock transfer. R's period is willy nilly and comes whenever the hell it likes. Mine is like clockwork and of course now I am 3 days late and on edge because I just want to get this show on the road! The last time I wanted to get my period this bad was when I was in middle school and still had no boobs. In the last week, we have been invited to two weddings (as bridesmaids) later this year, attended one baby shower last night while receiving an invite to another next month.*Joy* I love baby showers, but  I just was not in the mood to be there since I was waiting for my own confirmation that I was not having a baby. (yet) It was also weird having to let the bride-to-be know that I would love to be a bridesmaid but I also am TTC and may be preggars during the wedding which could put a damper on that *awesome* coral tube top dress made for a size 2. "Sooooo, if you could hold off your wedding planning for my potential, hypothetical maybe gayby I would appreciate it k? thanx...."

That's it. We just sit and wait. It seems like we will be doing a lot of that this year. Just praying we don't go stir crazy in the mean time.


  1. You are very lucky covered any of you med costs! Mine won't cover any injectables....yours cover any of the IVF?

  2. We work in a hospital and have been very fortunate that our ivf is partially covered. And since we can't be on each other's insurance we get to split the costs between both of us.

  3. Awe I remember this overwhelming feeling when my medications came for when I was preparing to donate! Wow you're getting closer and closer ;)!