Thursday, January 24, 2013

You're gonna put that where??

AF finally came for R! We are up and running!!!! She had her baseline ultrasound today .They put me in the US room first while she got her blood drawn in the lab. (11 vials!) I sat there and stared at the ultrasound machine for a few minutes as the realization that this was all happening kicked in. ( I was a little loopy since I had worked the night shift and not slept yet,16 hours and counting...) And then I saw the vaginal transducer with the strategically placed blue glove and lost it. Literally giggling uncontrollably at the fake "hand" that was about to go where no man had gone before. For some reason, I thought she was getting a "jelly on the belly" US not the vaginal.  While I was carrying on like a 5 yr old, my wife had to pee in a cup and they sent her to the bathroom. She noticed a couch covered in chuck pads and some magazines laying around. Then she realized where she was: the masturbation room!!! AAAAGGGHHHHH! (if you knew R, you would know how mortifying this was for her lol)
 The sonographer was so nice to share the findings as she went. R knew what she was looking at and talking about but I had no clue! Anyways, she had some beautiful follies! 18 in total today. Now we wait for our report and I go in on Tuesday for my baseline and hopefully can stop the estrogen patches. I am up to four now and I hadn't noticed any difference until I started crying tonight in the middle of Grey's Anatomy. Not sure if it was the extra estrogen or my love of fake medical dramas with tug-at-your-heart-string story lines of loving lesbians & friends trying to survive in Seattle that got me....either way I was a mess.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. Yay super exciting! You may be pregnant sooner than March at this rate :)

  2. Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly!

  3. I just found your blog and of course I'm totally late on commenting, but hopefully you'll see it anyway! We're doing IVF too, with me carrying my partner's eggs. Waiting for her AF to arrive to get started! Anyway, I was wondering why you had to do the estrogen patches before the mock transfer? I already had my mock transfer and only had to take some antibiotics before to reduce the risk of infection. Now I feel like we missed something...:)

  4. The estrogen patches make your uterus fluffy and they followed how many I would need to get my lining to at least 8mm and then she picked the spot she would use for the real transfer. I followed the same patch protocol for the real
    Deal starting with day 1 of my period. I think everyone does it a little different though-I wouldn't worry! Good luck!