Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Edward Peehands & the Magic Coin Purse

I had my mock transfer yesterday which was QUITE the ordeal. The wife and I got off at 8 am and our appointment was at 0945. She had a regular gyn appointment and I was going to do labs and the mock. We ran home, showered and then drove to our appointment. The last time we went, we were the only ones in the waiting room. This time the parking lot was full and they were running behind. Oy...I had to drink lots of water to have a full bladder for the procedure. Any other time I have no problem not peeing. (I hold it for 12 hours at work all the time-usually I am so preoocupied I just forget) The waiting room was full of annoyed faces. 30 min go by...doing good...45 min...maybe I could pee now and drink some water while I wait? No! I can do this! Hold it! 1hr and I had to pee! I went pee a little and came back and chugged  more water. 30 more minutes...SHIT! WHAT ARE THEY DOING BACK THERE???? I go pee again...I am just about to sit down and they call my name. CRAP! I just peed! I get back there and they are clearly annoyed that I have peed and possbily delayed my procedure. They leave me alone for a few minutes and then 5 people come in-none of which were the doctor. I felt like I was on display with a giant spotlight on my "coin purse". (That's what one my patients called her lady parts ha!) yikes. The ultrasound lady scanned my bladder and said there was plenty. Let the festivities begin!!!
The procedure wasn't painful just uncomfortable with lots of poking and pressure. Then she said she couldn't advance the catheter past the os of the cervix. Now my friends that have been here before had warned me of this. If she can't get it in, she asks you to come back and do the procedure under anesthesia which costs way more. I was determined to not have to. The tech suggested I go pee 50cc's and try again.(thanks for helping a sista out!) So I jump off the table naked and go pee next door while 5 stangers wait. I would not wish this on anyone! I had a pep talk with my bladder and apologized profusely for all the confusion. Damn that stupid little cup! I seriously got pee everywhere except that cup. Just call me Edward peehands. After that, the catheter  *magically* went in just fine and she found the perfect spot for our little bean(s). The doc said everything looked good and they completed the anatomy ultrasound.
 I met up with the wifey, whose procedure was much shorter and smoother than mine. We met with the IVF nurse and she gave us our protocol! I am going to continue the estrogen patches and Friday I will start progesterone shots 100mg a day. I will continue until next week when I go in for my endometrium biospy and HSG test. Then BC pills and start protocol over for actual transfer in April. R will continue birth control until March and start stims on March 30. Egg retrieval will potentially be April 10 and transfer on April 13. The TWW would end on (drum roll please...) my 32nd birthday! It could be an awesome birthday gift or I could be drinking myself into oblivion. In the meantime, I have plenty of baby showers to keep my mind off of babies....

 Anyone done the endo biopsy or HSG? Tips? Pointers? Would love to hear how it went.


  1. I had two HSGs...take Advil before and just try to's a little crampy but its pretty quick....make sure to put a pad on after....the first one I didn't and I had wet pants lol

  2. Definitely take something before hand. The only part thy hurt was the beginning for me. I thought that the speculum would be like a normal GYN visit but I swear this bitch cranked that thing to the max!! Lol. But otherwise once the catheter is in is fast and painless!

    1. wow...not excited about that! will def take some advil!