Saturday, April 13, 2013


Two hot mommas!

Well, we are officially PUPO! Transfer was at 1015 this morning. We got up early to take shots and shove things in places the sun don't shine.  (TMI I know) Since it was Saturday the clinic was quiet and they took us back immediately. We got our report from the embryologist and 15 were still growing and we implanted 1 grade A (8 cells) and 1 grade B (8cells)! They said they were great!

Only a face mothers can love! 

I didn't drink enough water and they had to put a foley in and poured water in my bladder-you read that right. THEY POURED WATER IN MY BLADDER. I was uber uncomfortable! There were 7 people in there and I got to watch the procedure on the big screen! It was awesome. We were in and out in 15 minutes!!! They put the embies in and wheeled me back to the waiting room where I attempted to use a bedpan. It's a lot harder than it looks! I have a new found respect for my patients! I pretty much peed all over myself...I laid there for about 30 min and then we grabbed lunch to go and I've been horizontal ever since. I have been having lots of cramping and I was told I can take tylenol.  Has anyone else had cramps after transfer?? They aren't excruciating but def not comfortable.  I go back to work on Tues and worry that's too soon but I have decided to come clean about my fragile state to my bosses so I can stop worrying.  Please send us lots of sticky vibes! Our beta is April 24th-3 days before my 32nd birthday. I can't think of a better present than to be pregnant! *fingers crossed*


  1. YAY!!! This is AMAZING news! I am jealous of how many embies you have! Congratulations! Take it way but don't worry too much! I swore after my transfer that they would fall out and trust me they won't. Think of it like a poppy seed in a PB&J sandwich. It would be pretty hard to fall out. I went back to work the day after my transfer and worked my ass off and hey look one still stuck!

    By the way are you going to take pregnancy tests at home? We got our first faint positive at 6dp3dt :)!

    1. Oh I def plan to test at home! We bought 4 different kinds of cheap ones with 2 to a box and I'll Prob buy a good digital one once we get a BFP :D

  2. So exciting!! Can't wait to hear the news, sending you lots of sticky vibes. Sending lots and lots of positive sticky baby vibes!

  3. Great News!! I will be sending you all kinds of good sticky vibes!!!! Best of luck ladies!! You look great and happy!! :D

  4. Exciting news!! I hope we both get the birthday presents we want this year (My b-day is the 28th).

  5. Best of luck hot mommas - to quote your beautiful picture in your hospital bonnets!

  6. I am dying to know how you are doing!!! Is today 6dp3dt? If so you should try a test this evening lol. I got a very very faint BFP on a First Response Early Response at 6dp3dt :)! I have a good feeling that you're preggo!