Saturday, August 16, 2014

We're baaaaaaaaackkkkkk!

(Cue Eminem) Guess who's back? back again....So I promised myself that I wouldn't be that mom that has kids and lets go of their identity, mind, body, but I did turn into that mom and momentarily let go of all of those things. I have tried to come back several times, but honestly I am so in love with my babes that everything else is a far second. But I am back-renewed and ready to spill my guts. I can't wait to rekindle our love and reunite-that is if you'll still have me?
So last time we chatted I had just given birth-literally. The boys are eight-yes count 'em eight months now! I wish I could play a fancy smancy music montage with clever music-"When I grow Up" by the Beach boys comes to mind to catch you up to speed on our lives but I can't. So I will just touch the highlights for now and then come back and retropost when I can. We had 12 weeks of maternity leave, the best time of our lives although we didn't know it at the time. R went back first and then me. I cried like a well- you know what the first day and it was such a double edged sword being there. Part of me was glad to be functioning and I missed the familiarity of work oriented tasks and part of me was sad I had a bra on. Ya feel me? I rubbed myself in their lavender burts bees baby lotion and sniffed myself when I got sad. I only work three 12 hour shifts a week, but it is still hard to be away from them.
We try to get out as much as possible but with two it is HARD.  There is so much crap to tote, and when they both melt down or poop their pants (and on my shirt) at the same time you can fuhgeddaboutit! Since me and R are on opposite schedules for babysitting purposes, it's usually only one of us with the boys. R and I are two ships passing in the night.  It works for now, but we are hoping to get a better system going soon.  Besides work and babies, I was also in school-oh yeah folks. I was certifiably cookoocachoo this year. Let me paint you a pic: me pumping and typing a paper and rocking a baby with my foot at the same time. Tired is the understatement of the century. R was even sleep walking one time and I woke her from swaddling an imaginary baby with her bath robe. Ah good times friends. But we did it! I graduated last week and am so glad it's over with and under my belt.
O has terrible reflux and we have been on a roller coaster of meds and homeopathic remedies to help him. He is smaller than his counterpart but he is still hitting all of his milestones none the less and is crawling and babbling up a storm. P is a chunk and eats his food and his brother's leftovers lol. He is much quieter but you can see his wheels turning and taking the room in. He is content to sit and play rather than explore. He grabs food with his dimpled hands and chews it with his two little nubby teeth. They surprise us with new sounds and movements and every day is adventurous with them.
Our families have fallen in love with them and it is amazing to see them interact. I never thought in a million years this would be my life.
I know this post was cray and all over the place but my mind is not nearly as sharp as is used to be. Prego brain has turned into postpartum brain and I'm lucky I have spell check on this thing...
I definitely plan on blogging more often and still have lots to share so I hope you'll keep checking back and I will continue to check in and keep my fingers crossed for my blogland friends waiting for good news! I missed you all so much and am glad to be back.


  1. Those babies are beyond adorable! I can't take it!!!! With twins on the way, and my wife and i having opposing schedules also, i am awaiting the madness! But still sounds like you guys have it all together, so at least I have that to look forward to. LOL! And swaddling an imaginary baby!?! HA! Poor thing!

  2. Thanks! We are surviving...Can't wait to follow you on your journey!

  3. Congratulations on graduating!! I have a lot of catching up to do so I plan to spend the next hour reading all your recent posts that I've missed. So happy to see that you're back and looking forward to more baby pictures!

    1. Thanks! Things have been wild around here as you can see, but it was time to make time for me. Missed you mommas and glad to see y'all are still here <3