Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catch up

Heeeellllloooooo!!! We are still here! I have been pretty tired and losing motivation to write. I never stick with anything long and I promised myself I would follow through with this. So here we are. We are rounding out our 12th week and on the verge of the second trimester. I cannot believe it!

B has changed her profile pic
I have had one pukey episode and I  have started a morning ab workout routine of dry heaves with tooth brushing. I've bought stock in colace and zantac. And my wife has officially disowned me in public due to uncontrollable man-burps. I literally sound like Barney from the Simpsons... Other than that feeling pretty good. I've lost 8 lbs. but I was a little heavy to begin with and I am sure I will make up for it soon enough.
We've taken a few sneak peeks with R's ultrasound machine at work and I broke down and bought a doppler for 20$ on ebay. I never pegged myself as the type of worry wart needing reassurance every week but I feel better just having it.  And a month is long time to go without seeing or hearing them! Our 12 week apt went great and the twins are measuring right on track! Next visit we find out the sex and can't wait!
baby b  is sleepin with his back turned and baby a is just hanging upside down! 
We hung out with some friends that just had twins via the same clinic and process. I must say that interacting with them made me that much more excited about ours. These moms have really done a great job and I am glad to have them in our support system. Speaking of support systems... I had a little melt down with my mom. I may have mentioned that she is a devout Catholic. She went to a retreat recently and I was on edge about it. For some reason I was really worried that while she was there she would brainwashed into abandoning me and come back and disown me. While this seems so far fetched, due to everything that has happened with my bro, you can see how my thought train pulled into that station. Anyways,  I said some  things (catholicism may be a cult) and she said some things (it's hard to accept me because I chose this lifestyle) but I made myself clear that our children will not be exposed to any negativity about our family from at least them anyways. And I emphasized that  if at anytime they were made to feel less than or uncomfortable that would be the last time. They will have enough shit from the outside world. A little mamma bearish I know, but I felt I needed to lay down the law early. I have tough skin when it comes to my mom but my children shouldn't have to. 

We also made a little FB announcement which was well received by friends and family. We also got a message from a couple who is TTC and needed advice. We were so glad to share our experience and help someone start their journey. The lesbian TTC world is so hush hush and we want to change that. We are not embarrassed about how we got these miracles and want the world to know! 

I've been reading lots of blogs even though I haven't kept up with mine and I am happy to see some BFP's popping up! Always keeping my fingers crossed for all of you <3


  1. That Facebook announcement is super cute! Can't wait for the gender reveal!

  2. Glad you found us! Thats so exciting having twins! I wanted twins with our first but am praying we don't have them this time!!!! Can't wait to follow ya'll!