Saturday, February 9, 2013

And Tango Makes Three

Not much to report on the baby making front. Had my annual physical with my regular gyn, had my endometrial biopsy (OUCH) and stopped all meds for now. We are just laying low until March. In the meantime, my wife and I are just enjoying each other and taking it easy. We have two more baby showers for friends this week and have been to Target and  babiesRus like 3 times this month. I lose my mind in there every time.  I want to devour every little baby I see (in a sweet way-not creepy way) and snort all the baby lotion I can get my hands on. Is that weird????  Ehh whatevs...

We decided that for our lesbian friends we'd get them a book called And Tango Makes Three . It's a true story about gay penguin dads at the Central Park Zoo. I found it in the "growing up" section at Barnes&Noble right next to What's Happening to Grandpa? and Where'd the poop go? A very enlightening selection indeed.  And then it happened...I got teary eyed in the damn store reading this book. It wasn't because I love penguins or because it's a true story. I think it's because the thought of having to explain to our future babies that our family is ok no matter what others say, is a very real conversation we will have to have someday. It makes me wanna cry just thinking about it. But I know that it will be the most important conversation we have with them. Luckily, there are books like these to help with these not-so-easy conversations.

We decided to branch out of little box and go to a LGBT movie night at a Unitarian church. I will be the first to admit that I was scared mainly because I did not know anything about this type of church. I haven't been to church in a looooooooong time and am in a constant struggle with my spirituality. My mother is Catholic and my father is non-denominational but fairly conservative when it comes to Christianity in general. It is something I wrestle with daily. I want my wife and I (and hopefully our kids) to grow up spiritually together but can't seem to find where we fit in. Well, long story short, we watched two awesome movies on gay marriage, listened quietly as the congregation made up of mainly senior citizens had a discussion about them. After it was over, we tried to slip out unnoticed, when this little lady with the strongest New York accent I've eva heard started talking to us. We eventually told her we were newly married and she shouted "mazel tov!" and announced it to everyone. They all cheered and I was so touched I cried. Total strangers were cheering for us and for once, I was comfortable in my own skin-in a church.  Don't sign me up for the drum circle just yet,  but it was definitely an eye opener and a big milestone. After the melt down in Barnes& Noble earlier, this was a much needed sign that the world is indeed changing and our family will have a fighting chance at acceptance and we might just fit in somewhere after all.

So what about you guys? Any advice on how to talk to our future children about their origins and family?


  1. So funny that you mentioned church... I just added that to my last post. My wife and I tried a Unitarian Universalist church two months ago. And although we loved it I feel like we need more structure for our future children. So we found a Christian church that accepts the LGBT community. We will go tomorrow and check it out (for a potential parish for us). If we like it we may look into their baptism process etc. :)! So excited for you girls! And by the way And Tango Makes Three is an incredible book!

  2. A book we got for our little man is Mommy, Mama, and Me. We got the board book version, it's super cute and neat to read a book that matches his family structure. Even if it is an infant board book. =)

    1. I'm def going to get this book! Thanks for sharing this!